Technical Guruji is a indian Tech Youtuber who has a Net Worth of $45 Million (356 Crore INR). Gaurav Chaudhary, a technology expert and influencer from Dubai, UAE, runs the popular YouTube channel Technical Guruji. The channel was founded in 2015 and has become one of the most subscribed tech channels in India.

Technology-related topics covered by the channel include smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets, as well as reviews and tutorials. For tech-savvy individuals and businesses, Technical Guruji has tips and tricks for getting the most out of technology.

Net worth

NameTechnical Guruji
Net Worth (2023)$45 Million
Net Worth In Indian RupeesRs. 356 Crore INR
Monthly Income And Salary1 Crore +
Yearly Income12 Crore +

Approximately $45 million is the estimated net worth of Technical Guruji as of January 2023. It is largely due to YouTube’s success, which generates significant revenue from advertising, sponsorships, and collaborations with technology companies.

Additionally, Technical Guruji has launched his own merchandise line as well as invested in various tech startups, further bolstering his net worth. It is likely that the net worth of Technical Guruji will continue to rise in the near future due to the popularity of the channel and the growth of the technology industry.

Youtube Earnings

Gaurav Chaudhary is the real name of Technical Guruji, an Indian YouTuber and tech reviewer. “Technical Guruji” is a YouTube channel he started in 2015 with informational and fascinating tech reviews and tutorials that quickly gained popularity. In addition to reviewing smartphones, laptops and other gadgets, he also writes in-depth reviews of new and popular tech products.

Technical Guruji has a family business in addition to his YouTube career. There is no specific information about his family business, but it is evident he is involved in its operations, contributing to his income.

Graphite mining is another business venture undertaken by Technical Guruji. He is involved in the operations and management of a graphite mining company he invested in. In addition to providing Technical Guruji with a steady source of income, graphite mining is also a profitable venture.

Technical Guruji makes money through Google AdSense and brand deals on his YouTube channel. Through ads on his videos and brand deals with different companies, he earns revenue. Having millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel translates into significant income from Google AdSense and brand deals, for which he is one of the most successful tech YouTubers in India.

The income of Technical Guruji is not publicly available, but is estimated to be in the millions. It is estimated that he has a net worth of more than $1 million. He is one of the highest-paid tech YouTubers in India. To contribute to his overall financial success, he has a YouTube channel, a family business, a graphite mining business, and a number of other ventures.

Early Life

In Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, Gaurav Chaudhary was born as Technical Guruji. From an early age, he developed an interest in technology and grew up in Aligarh. Little is known about his early life. A fascination with technology and its ability to solve problems has always been present in his mind.

Technical Guruji Net Worth

The primary and secondary education of Gaurav Chaudhary was completed in Aligarh. After graduating from a college in Aligarh with a degree in electronics and communication engineering, he went on to study engineering at a university there. His college years were the time when he began to gain a deeper understanding of technology and how it might be applied.

The Chaudhary family is not well known. His family has always supported his passion for technology, despite the fact that he has a younger brother. His success as Technical Guruji can be attributed to their encouragement and support.


NameTechnical Guruji
Real NameGaurav Chaudhary
Age32 years old
Birth Date7 May 1991
Height1.78 m
Birth PlaceAjmer
SpouseNot Married
Estimated Net Worth in 2023356 Crore INR

Founded by Technical Guruji in October 2015 aims to simplify the latest technology and gadgets for people in an easy-to-understand manner. In his videos, he discusses technology-related topics, reviews products, and shares tips and tricks about technology. One of the most popular technology channels on YouTube is his channel because of the way he explains things in an easy-to-understand manner.

How much technical Guruji Earns?

Thousands of videos on his channel have been viewed by millions of people. His channel has more than 20 million subscribers. India’s most subscribed technology channel, Technical Guruji, provides reliable and easy-to-understand information to tech enthusiasts.

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Favourite Things

Favorite YoutuberGeeky Ranjit
Favorite cuisineNorth-Indian cuisine
HobbiesTravelling, Reading, Youtubing
CarsPorsche Panamera, Thar, Mclaren & Audi A6

Technical Guruji also earns money through other sources besides his YouTube channel. Additionally, he has worked on brand deals and advertisements through Google AdSense in addition to his family’s business of graphite mining.

Guruji is known for the luxury life he leads in Dubai, where he is presently residing. There are several properties he owns in Dubai, as well as an impressive collection of cars. With his simple yet effective approach to technology, Technical Guruji continues to inspire his followers despite his success and wealth.

Ultimately, Technical Guruji is an inspiration and a role model for aspiring YouTubers. One of the most influential figures in the Indian tech community, he has established a successful career through hard work and dedication.


Gaurav Chaudhary, aka Technical Guruji, is a Dubai-based Indian YouTuber and businessman. The YouTube channel “Technical Guruji” is known for its informative videos about technology, gadgets, and other related topics. As a successful YouTuber and entrepreneur, Technical Guruji has made an impressive amount of money. Aside from apartments and houses, he owns commercial properties as well. India and Dubai are two of the most sought-after real estate markets in the world, where he has invested in properties.

In addition to having a collection of some of the world’s most luxurious and high-end cars, Technical Guruji is an avid car enthusiast. In addition to a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 S and an Audi R8, he also owns a Lamborghini Huracan and a Porsche 911. His YouTube channel and social media handles, where he has a large following, are often used to showcase his cars. As a testament to his wealth and success, he has a large car collection.

technical guruji age 2023

Affluent and luxurious, Dubai is home to Technical Guruji. A lavish lifestyle is part of his everyday life and he often enjoys it to its fullest. Technical Guruji is no exception to the luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences that Dubai is known for. The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Fountain, the largest choreographed fountain system in the world, are often visible to him as he explores the city and its attractions. Also known for enjoying Dubai’s luxury shopping and dining experiences, he also enjoys luxury shopping and dining. He is a role model for many aspiring YouTubers and entrepreneurs because of his success and wealth in Dubai.

Tech Guruji is a popular YouTuber who posts about technology and gadgets. A leading technology channel in India, his YouTube channel started in October 2015 and has grown steadily since then. Over 17 million people subscribe to him and his videos have received over 3 billion views.

More than 17 million subscribers subscribe to Technical Guruji today. India and other countries also follow him. With his popularity and enthusiasm for learning about the latest technology and gadgets, he has amassed a large fan following.

As a testament to the channel’s popularity and success, its videos have been viewed over 3 billion times. Averaging over 100,000 views per day, the channel has grown exponentially over the years. Due to Technical Guruji’s simple thoughts and his videos’ appeal, this growth has been possible.

In addition to its simplicity of thought, Technical Guruji’s content is known for its appeal and simplicity. His videos are popular among viewers because he presents complex technical information easily. A large following has been gained because he delivers information in an entertaining and informative manner.

A wide range of audiences can access Technical Guruji’s videos because they are non-demanding and easy-to-understand. He avoids technical jargon and complex terms, instead providing clear, concise information that can be understood by viewers. By doing this, he has been able to reach a wide and diverse audience, making his channel one of the most popular technology channels on YouTube.

What is the net worth of Technical Guruji?

Net worth of Technical Guruji is $45 million.

Does Technical Guruji have Roll Royce?

Technical Guruji is famous for his car collection. Recently he has been seen posing with Rolls Royce.

How many subscribers does the channel Technical Guruji have?

The channel has around 21 million subscribers.

What is the age of Technical Guruji?

Currently Technical Guruji is 30 years old (7 May 1991).

What is the real name of Technical Guruji?

The real name of Technical Guruji is Gaurav Chaudhary.


Guruji is a well-known name in the technology world, particularly in India. He has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the top YouTubers in India. Technical Guruji’s founder, Gaurav Chaudhary, has built a brand for himself and is considered to be one of the industry’s most influential figures.

His humble beginnings have led to his success as a businessman, YouTuber, and household name. The content he delivers on his YouTube channel is simple and easy to understand. As a tech-expert, he has built a reputation for his knowledge, insight, and experience.

His success story shows that with hard work and determination, one can achieve great things. Gaurav Chaudhary’s journey has inspired many, and his story is a testament to that. Millions of people around the world have come to rely on Technical Guruji’s YouTube channel for entertainment and information, and his popularity continues to grow.

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