CarryMinati Net Worth: CarryMinati, also known as Ajay Nagar, is a popular Indian YouTuber known for his gaming and commentary videos. Over 30 million subscribers have subscribed to his channel as of 2021. As well as his gaming skills, he provides energetic and humorous commentary.

CarryMinati has already amassed a significant personal fortune at the age of 23. As a result of his successful YouTube career and a variety of sponsorship deals, he has an estimated net worth of $4 million. With each passing year, his fame and success continue to grow as one of the most successful and influential YouTubers in India.

Net Worth (In Dollars)$4 Million
Net Worth (In Rupees)31 Crore

A result of CarryMinati’s popularity, he is now recognized as one of the top 10 most subscribed YouTubers in India, with his channel being the most subscribed in the country. The Golden Play Button award, which is given to YouTube channels with over one million subscribers, is one of many awards he has won for his contributions to the field of online content creation.

His net worth of $4 million and age of 23 reflect his impressive success at such a young age, and CarryMinati is a young and talented YouTuber who has made a significant impact on the Indian online content creation scene.

Personal Information

Real NameAjey Nagar
NicknameCarry Minati
Age23 years old
Date of Birth12th June 1999
WifeNot Married
BirthplaceFaridabad, Haryana
Height in CM165 CM
Sun SignLeo

CarryMinati’s Career

Ajey Nagar, aka CarryMinati, is an Indian YouTuber who is known for his entertaining content and unique commentary style. CarryMinati is one of India’s most successful content creators, earning $4 million at the age of 23.

At a young age, CarryMinati began posting videos on YouTube. In addition to his unique commentary style and ability to make even the most mundane gameplay entertaining, he quickly gained a following with simple videos of him playing games. In addition to satirical parodies and live gaming, he branched out into other types of content as his following grew.

As CarryMinati’s fame grew, he established multiple YouTube channels, each of which focused on a specific subject. He has over 50 million subscribers to his main channel, “CarryMinati,” which focuses on live gaming and commentary. Also, he has a live streaming channel called CarryisLive and a highlights channel named CarryMinati Highlights.

His satirical parodies also include CarryMinati impersonating celebrities and politicians, in addition to gaming content. A number of CarryMinati’s videos have become extremely popular, cementing his reputation as an influential content creator in India.

Throughout his career, CarryMinati has engaged and entertained audiences through live gaming, commentary, and satirical parodies. In spite of his unique style and content, he has become one of India’s most successful and respected YouTubers, and his net worth of $4 million reflects his success.

CarryMinati’s Earnings and Net Worth

Ajey Nagar is the real name of CarryMinati, a popular Indian YouTuber worth $4 million. In addition to having a large YouTube following, he is known for his unique commentary style.

YouTube videos and brand endorsements make up the majority of CarryMinati’s income. Aside from satirical parodies, live gaming, and vlogs, he has multiple YouTube channels where he posts various types of content.

YouTube does not publicize how much money creators make from their videos, so it is difficult to determine CarryMinati’s exact earnings. However, some sources estimate that he earns around $50,000 a month from the platform. The income would be approximately $600,00 per year.

In addition to earning money from YouTube, CarryMinati is also sponsored and endorsed by brands. Aside from popular gaming companies and mobile phone manufacturers, he has worked with several other brands as well. He can earn substantial amounts of money through endorsements and sponsorships, contributing to his net worth of $4 million.

A significant amount of money has been earned by CarryMinati from his content and endorsements on YouTube. Despite his popularity and success, his net worth continues to increase as his following and influence grow.

CarryMinati’s Famous Videos

In addition to his unique commentary style, CarryMinati, also known as Ajay Nagar, has a large following on YouTube. CarryMinati and CarryIsLive are two YouTube channels where he uploads videos of various formats, such as live gaming, satirical parodies, and vlogs.

“YouTube vs TIK TOK: The End” is one of CarryMinati’s most popular videos, which has over 200 million views and 2 million likes. In July 2020, a video was uploaded commenting on TikTok’s popularity and its impact on YouTube. CarryMinati explains the situation in the video and urges his fellow YouTubers to stay true to themselves.

Over 100 million people have viewed and liked the video “Film the Flare.”. The video critiques the Indian film industry, especially the use of flashy special effects. A lot of his fans have praised CarryMinati’s video for its wit and sarcasm as he takes on the topic.

It is no surprise that CarryMinati’s videos have high engagement and viewership, and these two videos represent only a small part of the overall impact he has had on the YouTube community. Among his loyal followers are many young people who look forward to his videos every week. In addition to his influence on the Indian gaming community, he is one of the most popular content creators in the country.

Aside from Carry Minati’s unique commentary style, relatable content, and ability to connect with his audience, his fame and success can be attributed to his success. As one of India’s most popular YouTubers, he continues to inspire and entertain his followers.

Write in detail about CarryMinati’s assets, including his Toyota Fortuner, in the below outline

If he owns any properties or real estate, mention them Discuss any other luxury items or investments he has made.

An Indian YouTuber known as CarryMinati, also known as Ajey Nagar, has a net worth of $4 million and is 23 years old. Known for his unique commentary style, he has built a successful career posting videos on YouTube. Through his YouTube videos and brand endorsements, CarryMinati has amassed a significant amount of wealth.

CarryMinati’s car collection is one of his most impressive assets. Toyota Fortuner and Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG are some of the luxury cars he owns as a testament to his YouTube channel’s success. Cars are not the only assets that CarryMinati owns. He may also own real estate and properties. Additionally, it is possible that he has invested in financial assets or other luxury items.

In comparison, CarryMinati earns an estimated $1.2 million a year from YouTube. However, his exact earnings from YouTube are hard to determine. Around $4 million is also estimated to be his net worth.

Also, CarryMinati has gained popularity through his videos. Over 75 million views and 1.5 million likes have been received by his video “YouTube vs TIK TOK: The End.”. He has also received over 34 million views and 700,000 likes on his video “Film the Flare.”. He has been extremely successful in making these videos because of their popularity.

The wealth of CarryMinati can be attributed to his YouTube videos, his endorsements, his luxury car collection, properties, and real estate, as well as any other investments he has made. Having built his career as a YouTuber through hard work and dedication, he has achieved fame and success.

CarryMinati’s YouTube Stats

Ajey Nagar is a popular Indian YouTuber known as CarryMinati, also known as Ajey Nagar. In addition to gaming and social media trends, he comments on a variety of topics. As of 2021, his YouTube channel has over 50 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular content creators in India.

A total of billions of views have been received by CarryMinati’s videos. Over 200 million people have seen and liked “YouTube vs TIK TOK: The End,” his most popular video. The End of YouTube Rewind and “Film the Flare” have also gained millions of views and likes, further consolidating CarryMinati’s status as one of the most popular YouTubers.

CarryMinati’s exact earnings on YouTube are difficult to determine since the platform does not disclose this information. Advertising and brand endorsements are estimated to earn him a considerable amount of money. According to some estimates, he earns between $100,000 and $1 million per month from his YouTube channel. His yearly income would be between $1.2 million and $12 million.

With a large number of subscribers, views, and estimated earnings, CarryMinati’s YouTube channel is one of the most popular in India. His influence on the platform continues to grow.

CarryMinati’s Biography

Ajay Nagar, aka CarryMinati, is an Indian YouTuber known for his commentary videos, live gaming, and satirical parodies. His family comes from a middle-class background and he was born in Faridabad on June 12, 1999.

In his early years, Nagar posted YouTube videos as a hobby on his channel. Initially, he made gaming videos, but later expanded to commentary videos and parodies. His ability to connect with his audience and his unique commentary style helped him become popular.

The CarryMinati channel has several subchannels, including CarryIsLive, CarryDeol, and CarryMinati. With over 50 million subscribers, CarryMinati is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in India. Among the content on his channel are live gaming, commentary on current events, and satirical parodies.

There are over 10 billion views on CarryMinati’s YouTube channel in India alone. In addition to winning the Diamond Play Button and the Golden Play Button, he has won several other awards for his videos.

CarryMinati graduated from Delhi Public School Faridabad with a diploma in secondary education. In addition to managing his YouTube channels, his brother also plays a role in his personal life.

CarryMinati is an Indian YouTuber whose unique content and ability to connect with his audience has earned him a reputation for becoming one of the top YouTubers in his country. His net worth is $4 million despite his age of 23, making him one of India’s most popular YouTubers. CarryMinati’s talent and hard work have helped him build an impressive career, and his videos have continued to entertain his audience.

What is the net worth of Carry Minati?

The net worth of Carry Minati is expected to be around $4 Million (Rs. 31 Crores).

Which actors has Carry Minati interviewed?

Carry Minati has interviewed the actors Tom Cruise, Henry Cavil and Tessa Thompson, etc.

Which is Carry Minati’s most famous video?

YouTube vs. TikTok is the most famous video of CarryMinati as of date. The video uploaded by him on 8th May 2020 has 65 million views with 10 million likes and around 8 lacs comments.

What is the age of Carry Minati?

Currently, Carry Minati is 23 years old (12 June 1999).

What is the Salary of Carry Minati?

Carry Minati earns an estimated salary of Rs 4 Crore Per Year.

What is the Height of Carry Minati?

The Height of Carry Minati is 1.65 M (5′ 5”).


As a household name in India, CarryMinati has become an online sensation under the name of Ajey Nagar, a.k.a. CarryMinati. With over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel, he is known for his gaming and commentary videos. As well as his famous videos and assets, we discussed his career, earnings, and net worth in this article.

The YouTube video posting career of CarryMinati began at an early age. Through his satirical parodies and unique commentary style, he quickly became well-known. CarryMinati, where he posts gaming videos, and CarryIsLive, where he streams live gaming, are two of his YouTube channels.

YouTube videos and brand endorsements are the primary sources of income for CarryMinati. His exact income from YouTube is hard to estimate, but estimates range from $10,000 to $15,000. CarryMinati has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Several of CarryMinati’s videos have received millions of views and likes, including “YouTube vs TIK TOK: The End” and “Film the Flare.” CarryMinati also owns a Toyota Fortuner.

As far as YouTube statistics are concerned, CarryMinati’s channel has more than 60 million subscribers and more than 9 billion views. It is estimated that he earns millions of dollars per month and per year as one of the most popular YouTubers in India.

CarryMinati is a middle-class Indian born in Faridabad, Haryana. As a student, he started his YouTube channel while still interested in making YouTube videos. His YouTube presence continues to be one of the strongest in the Indian community even at 23 years old.

Ultimately, CarryMinati has a net worth of $4 million and is a highly successful YouTuber. His videos have received millions of views and likes due to his unique commentary style. The number of subscribers and views on his YouTube channel exceed 60 million. On Twitter and YouTube, you can follow him.

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